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Messing around with Python versions

I’ve recently reinstalled or updated most of my currently used applications. During the process, 150122.pythonI’ve lost several hours messing around with Python versions and architecture models, « thanks » to cryptic error messages, and incompatibilities.

Here’s a short summary of issues and solutions, so you won’t spend useless time finding what’s wrong !

If you don’t want to read all this, just in short, install both 32bit builds of Python 2.7 and Python 3.3, and NOT the 64bit builds or Python 3.4.

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 21st 2015 in IT, IT Security

CISOs, are corporate Policies obsolete? And are you already dead?


I’ve always wondered about this dilemna :
Even if, as a CISO, you define the best Infosec policy ever, and forbid your users all use of Cloud or unknown services such as Gmail, Dropbox, LogMeIn, TeamViewer to prevent Data Leakage, is that really efficient ?

Your company is not in a closed environment. Or it is already in bankrupcy, because you don’t have clients and contractors.

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Bruno Kerouanton on octobre 9th 2014 in IT Security

New malware received : Dossier_1848785.exe

140110-malwareI’ve just received a new malware in one of my spam mailboxes.


The embedded file is a Zip archive, containing a fake PDF (the icon is a PDF, but it’s really a .exe file).

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 10th 2014 in IT Security

So. I’ve erased all my Tweets – Bref. j’ai effacé mes Tweets !

140108-Banning-TwitterAmongst the good resolutions I’ve taken for 2014, I’ve decided to reset my Twitter account !

You may have noticed that I didn’t tweet anything after december 30th, 2013. The reason for this is that I wanted to archive all my previous tweets and delete them. It’s really no use keeping them on Twitter, as I realized most tweets are about fresh news that becomes obsolete a few days after, or excerpts from « personal messages » between Twitter users, that don’t need to stay online.

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 8th 2014 in Blog's life, General, IT Security

New great (free) tool : Microsoft Message Analyzer

131121-ether2R.I.P Microsoft Network Monitor, welcome Microsoft Message Analyzer !

As I was investigating all my issues, I tried to see if there was another tool to sniff low-level packets and interactions with the system. Wireshark is a good sniffer, but being multiplatform and portable limits its capabilities to network.

I discovered that Microsoft had a new free product replacing their old (but still good) Network Monitor 3.4. It’s called Microsoft Message Analyzer, can be downloaded here, and seems to be quite interesting according to the dedicated TechNet blog and forums.

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Bruno Kerouanton on novembre 21st 2013 in IT, IT Security

Je me souviens…

Je me souviens…


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Bruno Kerouanton on novembre 11th 2013 in Blog's life, IT Security

A strange behavior of my PC

131101-investigationLast february, I’ve ordered and received a new laptop, to act as my main personal PC. Quite sophisticated, with lots of RAM, CPU, GPU, and SSD,  so I could use it also as my infosec lab (running VMs, calculating hashes, doing forensics and more). As my close friends know, I always buy licenses of software I use, and don’t mess with pirated software for a few ethical reasons. So I also bought a Windows 8 Pro set of DVDs from my local store, and installed it a few days later. I also spent several weeks reinstalling all my software from scratch, reactivating licenses and configuring the whole so I could find my old environment back on the new laptop. So this was a laptop which wasn’t supposed to be crashing, using legit software, and admit I really enjoy using it.
But the issues that I experience since the acquisition are quite annoying, forcing me to stay « offline » for several weeks since the begining of the year, and spending days trying to recover backups, understand issues and more… Some of my frequent email correspondants know that I had those issues, since I was quite slow in answering emails during those « shutdown » periods…

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Bruno Kerouanton on novembre 1st 2013 in IT, IT Security

My new PGP/GnuPG key

130912-pgpHere comes the time for me to update my PGP key, based on the current « NSA » trend !

My old key (0xC0A6497D) was created in 2001 (times goes so fast!), and used a 1024bit key, so now it’s time to declare it obsolete.


Here is the link to my new key (0xC59592BE). It has been certified with my old key so you can recognize it, but the best is always to meet and exchange signatures by hand.

By the way, if you want to exchange securely with me, please use the email account that is mentionned in the key, and not my public email address.

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Bruno Kerouanton on septembre 12th 2013 in IT Security

Internet, la vie et moi…

130705-prismJe suis clairement pessimiste, et ne le cache pas.

Depuis quelques semaines, l’actualité ne cesse de brasser les révélations d’Edward Snowden. Le scandale relatif à l’ampleur des interceptions effectuées par les services de renseignement américain dans le cadre du programme PRISM semble intéresser les médias, qui continuent à souffler sur les braises tant qu’il y en a. Et c’est tant mieux, car le public semble prendre conscience que tout cela n’est pas seulement de la fiction comme Hollywood sait si bien en faire, ou de la paranoïa de geek libertaire, mais bel et bien la réalité.

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Bruno Kerouanton on juillet 5th 2013 in IT Security

SPAM, quand tu nous tiens…

130516-spamPréambule : I’ve bricked my PC

Mon ordinateur personnel principal, pourtant tout neuf, est hors-service. Totalement inutilisable ! Il ne démarre même plus (« I’ve bricked my PC », diraient les anglophones).

Cela a été provoqué par une simple mise à jour du BIOS, suite à des écrans bleus que j’avais systématiquement en sortie de veille (sous Windows 8 x64). Heureusement, j’ai un contrat de support Premium, ce qui fait qu’un technicien devrait passer prochainement changer la carte mère.

Cela me permet de me concentrer sur d’autres choses… prenons par exemple le spam que je reçois dans l’une de mes principales boîtes de messagerie. Continue Reading »

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Bruno Kerouanton on mai 16th 2013 in IT Security