I’ve decided to start writing again on my blog. This post will be the first of the year, and quite short.

So, I wish everybody a happy new year, with health and happiness in mind!

Oops, I didn’t see the changes in WordPress since my last post. And it seems the editor is broken (or my fault probably?) as I can’t embed pictures. I will have to fix that! I am also thinking about migrating the whole blog to Hugo. Static pages, no pain no hassle. But I’ve not evaluated this yet. Should I?

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 22nd 2019 in Blog's life

TLS Support

I’ve added TLS support to my blog. That’s cool (and nearly mandatory now that Firefox/Chrome display a « bad » padlock on non-https sites.)


The downside is that now, I’ve got thousand links that still refer to the http version of my blog… Requires manual fixing as I didn’t find a working WordPress extension, or automated solution to fix that.

[edit: all links fixed now]

Anyway, enjoy the SSL « secure » version. It should also cover my other sub-sites such as my photo gallery.

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Bruno Kerouanton on février 15th 2017 in General

Hello (crazy) world ;-)

Hi everybody !

I’m back on my blog, after a long time away. I don’t guarantee to post anything interesting, or frequently here, as I already use Twitter as my main channel, but I do feel a blog is still useful to develop ideas, concerns and other issues that can’t fit in 140 chars. Continue Reading »


Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 18th 2017 in General

Crisis management, for midlife adults

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 15.47.38

Results are obvious. After doing extensive research on my mindset over the last few months, I can claim I’m in the middle of a midlife crisis. The 40+ crisis. The one that undermines you and want to reboot everything, from your life and family to your work and even friends. You keep waking up in the morning, tired and unhappy to get to work. You don’t see the point of working, of living. And you contemplate your past successes, saying to yourself you don’t even know what led you there.

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Bruno Kerouanton on avril 17th 2016 in General

CISOs, Techies and Board execs. The unsolvable issue?

I have been participating in NG Security European summit lately, where there were lots of nice presentations about how CISOs are perceived by Board and Business Leaders. And the resuts are frightening. As IT needed decades to get at the Board level, Infosec isn’t mature yet and need to evolve its way to sell itself better.

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Bruno Kerouanton on avril 13th 2016 in IT Security

Layered security on my laptop, in 10 (not so easy) steps !

160106-hardening0Some of my friends tell my I’m kind of paranoid, but I can’t help keeping my laptop very secure (at least as much I believe).

When Windows 10 was released, I had the following options: either keep Windows 8 on my PC, or upgrade to Win10, with some advantages. The start menu was back (although I didn’t need it since I’m using the great TrueLaunchBar utility since many many years), it was a free upgrade (I know what you’ll think about this), and it allowed me to be more secure and test new features. On the other side, it’s obvious Microsoft has shifted into the Cloud business, and now heavily relies on data harvesting. That means I need to harden my laptop to prevent any data leaks.

If you want to understand how to setup a similar config, here is my step-by-step checklist of what I’ve done :

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 5th 2016 in IT Security

My own Spam Tracker


Since nearly 10 years, I use dedicated email addresses/passwords for every single website or company I register online.

That may seem cumbersome to many, as I need to log into a custom platform to create a new email address during registration, and I need to keep a record of all those passwords/emails/credentials somewhere, to remember what and where I’ve done, but this has numerous benefits :

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 5th 2016 in IT Security

Bonne année 2016

1 - 3b

Bonne année 2016 à toutes et à tous !


Je ne sais pas comment se présente votre année 2016, mais j’espère que vous en profiterez pleinement pour réaliser vos rêves les plus importants, pour aimer vos proches, faire des rencontres, apprendre et partager.

Pour ma part, j’ai déjà des projets d’avenir que je compte réaliser cette année ! Tant professionnels que personnels 😉



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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 4th 2016 in Blog's life


tourVendredi soir, l’horreur et l’effroi ont fait trembler les murs des valeurs de la France, du monde. Mais telle la devise de Paris, Fluctuat nec mergitur, c’est avec vaillance qu’il nous faut surmonter cet affront à la liberté, en faisant fi des amalgames avec les religions et les clivages sociétaux, en s’affranchissant des réactions court-termistes de peur et de haine, et en mettant en pratique à tout instant, plus que jamais, l’un des mots les plus forts de la République française : Fraternité.

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Bruno Kerouanton on novembre 18th 2015 in Culture

Staying in touch: follow @kerouanton on Twitter

Hello, visitor !

As my blog is not very frequently updated, I strongly suggest to follow me on Twitter (@kerouanton) if you want news or to get in touch. You can also meet me at a conference, feel free to see my updated speaking schedule.

Kind regards,


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Bruno Kerouanton on juin 22nd 2015 in Blog's life