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A few minutes ago, I was looking for an « intelligent » battery charger able to display individually the battery charge level on a LCD screen. I had already got one bought in Poland that was great with such features, but it just broke yesterday. I started to unmount it to check which component is bad, but it seems I’m not lucky and that I’ll have to buy another one. Unfortunately, according to Google this charger which reference is « Forever FR6178 » seemed to be unavailable elsewhere than in China, Russia and Poland. Fortunately, I found that a french reseller, Pearl Diffusion, was importing this item.

Pearl Diffusion is a reseller of all sorts of more or less useful (often less !) gadgets, peripherials and toys at discounted prices. The Linux and/or security geeks in France know this store since they often advertize in Linux Magazine or in MISC.

If you were disapointed by the gifts Santa Claus sent you during last christmas, since you hadn’t got the Ultimate Useless Nonsense USB Gadget you were dreaming of, I recommend you to visit Pearl online shop…

It would take me pages to list all the gadgets they sell, so I’ll shorten this out and show you some examples.

If you want a wooden mouse, like the first mouse ever, it’s possible.

This one is quite interesting : The manufacturers wanted to embed different appealing gadgets into a single mouse, making a « mini VoIP mouse with integrated USB hub and retractable cord », (VoIP meaning that there is a microphone into the mouse), and you can have it here. I wouldn’t personnally buy this !

If you play too much (ie you click too much on your mouse), there is a special glove designed to relieve your finger muscles. Also for those nerds who cannot drop their mouses, a mouse with embedded fan could help.

Instead of having to buy a mouse for home and a mini-mouse for travelling, you can just buy an interchangeable shell to convert your mini-mouse into a big mouse !

The best part is the page of the USB gadgets. The perfume diffuser, pencil sharpener, cup warmer, or mini fan are now using USB to get their power. If you want negative ions in your room, use the USB air ionizer. Why not buying a stupid USB radio pig too ?

I suspect that the USB feet warmer and heating blanket are not to be connected to a laptop !

Can anybody guess who could buy such a crap ? the inflatable insane finger is… well… stupid. I was wondering what could be the use for this, but it seems someone has already found. About inflating things, there is a full page of horrible carnival disguisments.

The problem I found with many of those products is that they are often very low-end, made in some obscure small manufacture lost somewhere in China. If you plan to connect this to a PC, be warned : the drivers or associated software may not be very appealing (menus in english or in chinese, or sometimes in very bad french), uncertified drivers, and so on. Your mileage may vary even on that !

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