Ross Anderson’s book : New edition !

Great news, folks !

I already had posted an article about Ross Anderson’s first edition of his excellent book Security Engineering in 2006. Ross sent me an email containing several good news :

  1. He has updated the full contents of the book, which is now about 900 pages (the first edition was 640 pages).
  2. The first edition of his book is now freely available in PDF on his site,
  3. There are some MP3 transcripts of the book for blind students. Great initiative !!!

Several years ago, I had acquired his book, which for me stays as one of the best IT security books ever written. At the time I even had plans to translate it in french, but lack of time made this project unfeasible.

I now can just recommend you to buy the new edition, or at least to download the PDFs and discover this great book, written by an author which is also famous for his positions on freedom and individual liberties, which I also share.

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Bruno Kerouanton on avril 21st 2008 in IT Security

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