Computing in the clouds…


**Here is the new concept of **Cloud Computing…

Update Fri 13h46: My assistant gave up on finding a suitable flight since all european airports are closing one after another… We tried an option by train : 35 hours long (!) but unfortunately not even possible since all trains are full and they no longer take bookings ! A real nightmare. Now the most probable option is that I won’t attend ASIS Conference nor ISC2 workshop (in Dublin). Really bad.

Obviously, Cloud computing is not very efficient !

And I’ve now got the formal proof that **Cloud computing doesn’t support overloads **!!!

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En francais… Enfin ! J’ai désormais la preuve formelle que l’informatique dans les nuages ne supporte pas bien les surcharges !!!

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And that means I had to cancel my tomorrow morning flight to Lisbon which was connecting through London, and spent an insane amount of time to find another flight from Basel to Madrid, then Madrid to Lisbon… hoping that by the time those airports won’t be closed too. And I don’t want to know the mess it will be to go from Lisbon to Dublin in a few days, then back to Basel next sunday…

A few days ago I was stuck in Paris because of trains cancelled because of french strikes… Let’s keep cool !


Comment by miib on 2010-04-23 00:25:27 +0200

a (very) bad bit would say a poker player 🙁