My use of social networks

130624-socialnetworksAs you noticed, my posts here are less and less frequent. I still believe a blog is somehow useful, but I tend to use some other communication media.

Here is a short overview of my use of popular social networks, ranked by interest / use. So you should understand better how to keep in touch ūüėČ




THE WINNERS : Twitter and Linkedin

#1 Twitter

Frequency of usage :

  • Reading¬†:¬†7/7, from¬†7am to 11pm, 5 to 6 times a day.
  • Writing : several times a week, up¬†to 5 times a day if needed.

Usage :

  • Main usage : Infosec (technical)

Network :

  • Language : English exclusively.
  • People connected: mostly infosec experts, technically focused.

What I like :

  • Quick, efficient, easy to setup and use, pragmatic, focused
  • Accept pseudonyms, easy to read/understand user agreement/policies
  • Not too intrusive (for now)
  • Perfectly suited for my needs

What I dislike :

  • Starting to receive sponsored tweets from time to time.
  • Can be addictive if you don’t pay attention.

Twitter¬†is the first of the only¬†two social networks that I really use daily. It allows me to stay up to date with most info security experts I met during conferences or elsewhere,¬†some friends, and other infosec people.¬†That’s a really nice way to get informed in near real-time, see new trends coming. I try my best to post some news that could interest the community, and admit to retweet also when I read important news (mostly early in the morning or late in the evening, as this is when I take the time to keep informed… in bed). I only use english to communicate on Twitter as most of my followers are not french-speaking… I also never subscribe to french-speaking Twitter feeds.

In addition with keeping informed on Infosec trends and news, I sometimes use Twitter to keep in touch, and eventually contact directly for specific reasons, for example when we want to gather in a restaurant for dinner during a hacking conference. This is a convenient way when phone/sms/email is not possible, but I prefer avoiding DM and personal tweets if there is an alternative way to contact me.

#2 Linkedin

Frequency of usage :

  • Reading¬†:¬†3 to¬†5 times a week.
  • Writing : never.

Usage :

  • Main usage : Networking

Network :

  • Language : English exclusively.
  • People connected: CISOs, managers, experts.

What I like :

  • Really useful to keep contacts up to date
  • Interface is convenient on most platforms (web, ipad, iphone…)

What I dislike :

  • Starting to look more and more like a professional Facebook.

Basically, Linkedin is¬†the place where you can get in touch with me. I won’t write anything there, except periodically updating my resume. Although¬†I accept most invitations and rarely refuse if you send me one, starting sending me messages for business enquiries is the wrong move. Not only I may not answer, but I may ban those annoying users, since I clearly specify that my LinkedIn profile is not for this kind of purpose.

Currently, I have more than 1’600 contacts on LinkedIn.¬†The simple idea¬†behind this outstanding number is that it allows¬†more people to contact me if they¬†want, and¬†vice-versa.

The reasons I use Linkedin are the following :

  1. having an up-to-date resume somewhere
  2. dematerializazion of all business cards I have received, making this easy to manage and accurate.
  3. From time to time, reading news on management and more.

Quite obvious, indeed.


THE LOOSERS : Facebook and Viadeo

#3 Facebook

Frequency of usage :

  • Reading¬†:¬†less than 1 time a month.
  • Writing : never

Usage :

  • Main usage : still to be answered !

Network :

  • Language : french.
  • People connected: Local colleagues and contacts, Demomakers

What I like :

  • Really have to answer this one ? Seriously, nothing…

What I dislike :

  • So many things I dislike to enumerate…

I *do* have a Facebook account, but rarely use it, and never write on it (and even hide info that may appear automatically, when possible). Each time I have been messing around on Facebook, I was stunned to see so many useless talks, pictures and videos. A total waste of time. Usually, from time to time I do like spending my time browsing on funny websites but Facebook is a sort of concentrate that totally repells me : Since I have opened my account, several years ago, I *never* had any useful information coming from this social media ! So, I rarely connect.

You may ask yourself : why do I have an account, and still connect (even seldom) on Facebook ? First, because that account was needed to contact some people that don’t use Twitter/Linkedin… (mostly in the ¬ę¬†artistic/creative¬†¬Ľ business). Second, because I do teach security on Facebook and need to see what’s happening and how are all those insane ¬ę¬†security settings¬†¬Ľ and ¬ę¬†user agreements¬†¬Ľ evolving with time.But that’s really all…

#4 Viadeo

I have an account on Viadeo, but¬†*never* send me an invitation : I won’t accept it and even won’t reply. My profile clearly says ¬ę¬†I never connect, contact me via LinkedIn¬†¬Ľ. And even with this clear notice, I still receive invitations from time to time, from people who even don’t take the time to look at my profile.

The simple reason is that I don’t want to spare time maintaining two similar profiles (Linkedin and Viadeo), and that the latter is mostly for french networking (not any more, but the vast majority of invitations I still receive on Viadeo are from french peoople… who also have a Linkedin account). So I took the decision not to continue.


#5 ASmallWorld

Since it’s subscribtion-only, my ASW account is locked-out, and I don’t intend to reactivate it again. This¬†¬ę¬†luxury¬†¬Ľ network is mostly focused on jet-setters, who spend their time and wealthness in luxury discos and hotels. When ASW was free, I was lucky enough to get invited, but I currently don’t see the reason I would spend money on this kind of service.