So. I’ve erased all my Tweets – Bref. j’ai effacé mes Tweets !

140108-Banning-TwitterAmongst the good resolutions I’ve taken for 2014, I’ve decided to reset my Twitter account !

You may have noticed that I didn’t tweet anything after december 30th, 2013. The reason for this is that I wanted to archive all my previous tweets and delete them. It’s really no use keeping them on Twitter, as I realized most tweets are about fresh news that becomes obsolete a few days after, or excerpts from « personal messages » between Twitter users, that don’t need to stay online.

Twitter is my favorite social network platform, as I explained in a previous post. Mostly because it d0esn’t require to register with a real name, doesn’t stress you all the time to put a picture or personal info, and much more. So it seems much less intrusive as Facebook, for example. And amongst the real benefits from Twitter, it’s also possible to retrieve an *usable* archive of all your previous tweets. The procedure is really simple and consists of clicking a « make archive » button in Twitter settings, then wait for the email when it’s ready and click on the download link. I did appreciate this. But the really great thing is that the archive itself is really good : you’ve got all your Tweets in CSV format with lots of details, and also a full HTML browsable archive containing all pictures and more. So thanks Twitter !!

Like @Cryptomeorg, I wanted to delete all my tweets, but soon realised manually erasing 2688 tweets is nearly impossible ! Luckily I found a simple and efficient .NET application made for this purpose : Twitter Archive Eraser, by @martani_net


So I’ve deleted all my tweets… but there’s a glitch : according to Twitter, I now have « no tweets » but the counter displays 28 tweets !


(and by the way, I’ve put the archive on my website, so it’s still browsable/searchable, but at least I have more control on it than on a 3rd party site).

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6 réponses à So. I’ve erased all my Tweets – Bref. j’ai effacé mes Tweets !

  1. Nanty dit :

    So, how did you do to change that ? I mean … it shows 28 tweets even if there is no tweet anymore. I have the same problem actually.

  2. Indeed ! I have erased all my tweets twice, but the counter still shows several inexistent (or invisible) tweets, around 40 this time…
    And the most intriguing part is that I have the same issue for the people I follow. For some reason my account unfollowed everybody but at the end it still counted more than 15 accounts that I was supposed to follow, but that didn’t display as a list.

    That is weird, I cannot decide if it’s because Twitter silently inserts invisible followers and tweets for some reasons, or if because there is a bug somewhere. Anyway, that behaviour seems to be quite common according to most people who tried to delete all their tweets.

    Do you want to investigate on this ?

  3. Marie dit :

    I have the same problem now. I deleted all my tweets but the number’s still there. How have you solved this ?

  4. Hi,
    I didn’t solve it, I still have extra tweets that were deleted but still increase my global counter. Very weird…

  5. Carlota dit :

    Hello! It has been a little less than 4 months, so I was wondering if you already solved your problem, because I’m going through the same situation at the moment and it would mean a lot if you could help me, since nobody could yet. Merci beaucoup!

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