Additional AIX Security Tools on IBM pSeries, IBM RS/6000, and SP/Cluster

Thursday, 10 August 2000
  • Additional AIX Security Tools on IBM pSeries, IBM RS/6000, and SP/Cluster
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    IBM Redbook I’m the co-author of this Redbook written at IBM Poughkeepsie (USA) during summer 2000. Get the free PDF version on the IBM site by clicking here or on my site by clicking here, or you can order an hardcopy by following this link.The redbook has now been translated in japanese, you can have a copy on the IBM site here or on my site by clicking here !

    Review : From firewalls to operating system hardening, this redbook illustrates additional tools and techniques that you can use to enhance the security environment of your IBM e(logo)server pSeries, IBM RS/6000 workstation, SP, or Cluster. The approach taken is from outside to inside and from top to bottom. We move from the servers on the far reaches of your network that are visible to the outside world to those in the innermost recesses of your intranet containing your most confidential data. As we move through these servers, we work from the application layer at the top to the network layer at the bottom. Along the way, we cover third-party software that is readily available, modifications to the standard software that comes with AIX and PSSP, and assorted techniques that can all be used to provide enhanced security in your environment. Subjects covered in this redbook include: – Firewalls – Secure Remote Access – Network Mapping and Port Scanning – System Integrity – Securing AIX

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