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Twitter, nul en maths!

Twitter est plein de bugs.

J’ai décidé il y a longtemps comme vous le savez de n’y suivre personne, tout du moins de manière « standardisée ». J’ai par conséquent ainsi le message suivant mentionné sur mon profil : « 0 Following » depuis des années. Ma méthode me permet de suivre les comptes qui m’intéressent d’une autre manière, via des listes et grâce à l’application Tweetdeck, rachetée puis intégrée de longue date par Twitter.

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Bruno Kerouanton on août 6th 2020 in IT

Dans les starting-blocks

Le fameux mois de mai. C’est le printemps, il fait beau, et tout est propice à un nouveau départ. Nouveau départ, c’est justement le cas, puisque j’ai redémarré beaucoup de choses. Et depuis le temps que je voulais m’y mettre, je vais également redémarrer mes séances d’écriture sur mon blog.

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Bruno Kerouanton on mai 1st 2019 in IT

Messing around with Python versions

I’ve recently reinstalled or updated most of my currently used applications. During the process, 150122.pythonI’ve lost several hours messing around with Python versions and architecture models, « thanks » to cryptic error messages, and incompatibilities.

Here’s a short summary of issues and solutions, so you won’t spend useless time finding what’s wrong !

If you don’t want to read all this, just in short, install both 32bit builds of Python 2.7 and Python 3.3, and NOT the 64bit builds or Python 3.4.

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 21st 2015 in IT

Mes déboires avec les disques SSD – quelques conseils

050121-idaVous vous souvenez peut-être, mais j’ai déjà eu de nombreux soucis avec mes premiers disques SSD, notamment mon disque 256Gb Crucial que j’ai dû changer 2 fois de suite, avec les conséquences associées, notamment en termes d’énèrvements divers. Le dernier que j’ai reçu de leur part n’a en revanche pas posé de souci depuis, preuve qu’ils ont fini par corriger les erreurs de jeunesse.

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 21st 2015 in IT

Hypnotic desktop wallpaper


This weekend, I was doing some « research » on different visual effects, that led me to focus on optical illusions.

I had the insane idea of putting several of them onto my desktop wallpaper… and I’ve been using this since nearly 3 days.

Trust me, it’s really painful 😉 I’ve got to be careful not to be hypnotized each time I move a foreground window, and it’s really disturbing.


If you want to have a try, download it by clicking on the image, and tell me how long you can support it !


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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 20th 2014 in Geek, IT

Cadeaux de Noël

140108-sapin_noel_legoHello tout le monde ! J’espère que vous avez passé de bonnes et agréables fêtes de fin d’année, que vous avez pu vous reposer/voyager/profiter des [amis|cadeaux|boissons|repas] et que vous avez pris de bonnes résolutions pour cette nouvelle année, maintenant que c’est reparti.

Pour ma part, cette dernière semaine de fin d’année s’est faite au calme, presque en mode « offline ». J’avoue avoir pris un certain retard à envoyer mes voeux ou remerciements, mais promis, je n’oublie pas.

Outre les traditionnels cadeaux de Noël offert par les proches, j’ai tendance depuis quelques années à ajouter à ma liste mes quelques « jouets geek » :

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Bruno Kerouanton on janvier 7th 2014 in Geek, IT

New great (free) tool : Microsoft Message Analyzer

131121-ether2R.I.P Microsoft Network Monitor, welcome Microsoft Message Analyzer !

As I was investigating all my issues, I tried to see if there was another tool to sniff low-level packets and interactions with the system. Wireshark is a good sniffer, but being multiplatform and portable limits its capabilities to network.

I discovered that Microsoft had a new free product replacing their old (but still good) Network Monitor 3.4. It’s called Microsoft Message Analyzer, can be downloaded here, and seems to be quite interesting according to the dedicated TechNet blog and forums.

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Bruno Kerouanton on novembre 21st 2013 in IT, IT Security

Every problem has a solution !

131120-solutionsEvery problem has a solution, and tonight I’m happy to use my laptop to create this new post on my blog 😉 Finally !


Happy because the two major problems I had detailed in my previous posts are now solved !

1. Microsoft Windows 8 Pro activation issue : SOLVED !

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Bruno Kerouanton on novembre 20th 2013 in IT

Microsoft, Heeeelpppp !


Let’s make it simple.

I’m just fed up with my PC. And my relationship with Microsoft is :
(  ) Single
(  ) Married
(x) It’s complicated
(  ) Divorced
(and I’m close to next step : divorce…)

I love my new Dell Precision M4700, shipped with Windows 7 Professional x64.

I love my Genuine Microsoft Win8 Professional x64 upgrade DVD, that I bought just after, and installed on my new PC.

Yes, I love themWhen they dare to start

And I love DELL support too, who has been so reactive and kind all the time, calling me back on my mobile several times a day to check if all was okay, doing real Next-Business-Day on-site repairs, and even contacting me on Twitter a few minutes after I explained my issues with Windows 8 ! Just incredible !

If Microsoft was at that level, I would be blessed… but no, and I am going crazy with Microsoft helpdesk….

So let’s recap :

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Bruno Kerouanton on novembre 13th 2013 in IT

A strange behavior of my PC

131101-investigationLast february, I’ve ordered and received a new laptop, to act as my main personal PC. Quite sophisticated, with lots of RAM, CPU, GPU, and SSD, so I could use it also as my infosec lab (running VMs, calculating hashes, doing forensics and more). As my close friends know, I always buy licenses of software I use, and don’t mess with pirated software for a few ethical reasons. So I also bought a Windows 8 Pro set of DVDs from my local store, and installed it a few days later. I also spent several weeks reinstalling all my software from scratch, reactivating licenses and configuring the whole so I could find my old environment back on the new laptop. So this was a laptop which wasn’t supposed to be crashing, using legit software, and admit I really enjoy using it.
But the issues that I experience since the acquisition are quite annoying, forcing me to stay « offline » for several weeks since the begining of the year, and spending days trying to recover backups, understand issues and more… Some of my frequent email correspondants know that I had those issues, since I was quite slow in answering emails during those « shutdown » periods…

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Bruno Kerouanton on novembre 1st 2013 in IT, IT Security