Friday, 04 November 2005

I am an active member of the following organizations :

  • isc2 (ISC)² - International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (more info). This US based organization is at the origin of the famous CISSP certification, delivered to IT security professionals in more than 100 countries worldwide.
    Since 2004, I have supervised and proctored more than 20 CISSP exams in Europe for (ISC)². Since 2006, I am also involved in the yearly International Item Review Workshop.

  • lecercle Cercle Européen de la Sécurité : Monthly meetings with CSOs from major companies (more info).

  • magsecurs Mag-Securs - European IT Security publication : Scientific advisor at editorial board (more info).
    This magazine created more than two years ago is focusing on IT security aspects, and is widely distributed to CSOs, security professionals and vendors.
    Since 2005, I am a member of the editorial board, as a scientific and technical advisor.
    I also contribute from time to time with some articles published on MagSecurs website.

  • Club des Vigilants (more info). This french Think-Tank was created five years ago. Among its goals, finding ways to undersand and handle our modern society in the short and middle term.
    Member since 2005, I listen to the prestigious lecturers monthly, and write on the website.
    I have produced an internal document about cybercriminality for the « Cumul des menaces » working group.
    I also help for the technical aspects of the website/blog, especially on security issues.

Below are the associations I have been involved into once ago, but not any more

  • issafrance ISSA France - Information Systems Security Association (more info).
    The french chapter of ISSA has been founded in 2004. ISSA is present in 24 countries and has 13000 members worldwide, mostly CISSPs but also CSOs and IT Security experts.
    In 2004, I co-founded the french chapter, and as a board member was acting acting as ISSA France’s financial officer.
    In July 2006 I decided to leave ISSA France to focus my energy on other time consuming groups.

  • baptie NetFocus France - Monthly meetings, working groups with CSOs from major companies (more info).
    Created 7 years ago, this UK organization invites CSOs from major companies in France, UK, US and Germany to share their concerns about Information Security, mostly from an organizational point of view.
    Since 2003, I have assisted to most monthly meetings, and have made several presentations and speeches to the audience. I have also been invited as a speaker and workshop moderator for the yearly conferences gathering around 200 CSOs :
    2003 : Technical presentation about Wi-Fi, I won an award as the best speaker
    2004 : Presentation about Business Continuity Planning
    2005 : Presentation about Economic and competitive Intelligence
    2006 : Speaker at the opening session of the conference, and chairman for other presentations.

  • clusif CLUSIF : Monthly meetings, working group with other security professionals (more info).
    This is the french official IT security association for companies. Very famous in France, CLUSIF gathers IT specialists, professionals and users in order to let them exchange their opinions, and write documents that helps to leverage the IT security level for french companies.
    Member since 2003, I participate in some monthly meetings with other security professionals. I have made several lectures to members, such as a presentation of professional security certifications. From 2005 to 2006 I have worked on a document about « informational assets protection and mastering ».

  • clubies Club d’Intelligence Economique et Stratégique : Monthly meetings and working groups (more info).
    This small association was created by the manager of the Economic Intelligence French Institute, Mr Jérôme Bondu. It offers evening lectures from time to time on interesting subjects such as lobbying or economics.
    Member since 2005, I have only assisted to some lectures because I lack time for that.

  • thawte Thawte Web of Trust : official Notary for delivery of personal X509 certificates to individuals. (more info). Now part of Verisign, Thawte is a south african company selling and managing SSL and e-mail encryption certificates.
    Since 2002, I am an official Notary for Thawte’s « Web of Trust » and am able to freely deliver X-509 certificates for personal usage to individuals.